About Xenolyth

How it works

  • Scalable

    Xenolyth is the ultimate care home software designed from the ground up for the management of care homes large or small.

  • Affordable for all

    Our product has been priced in a way that makes it affordable for small and large care homes alike.

  • Simple Pricing

    Most companies that offer care home software have priced many care homes out of their products by charging annual fees, setup fees, maintenance fees etc.

    It is also common practice to charge extra for certain modules or bolt on’s to their products.

  • So What’s Cost Per Resident?

    But not with Xenolyth we charge just £2 per resident a week! That’s it, no setup fees, no annual fee. What’s even better the more residents you have the cheaper it gets, and that’s not all you can try out our system for just £1 today. We do not hassle you with sales calls, We’ll come and see you only on your request, we don’t hassle you with webinars. If you want it you can have it now, if you unsure try us out for £1.

Whats Included

Xenolyth provides a wide range of benefits for the every day user.
These include…

    • Automatic Care Plans
    • Residents Assessments
    • Proactive Alerts
    • Policies and Procedures
    • Health Information
    • Resident Register
    • Staff Register
    • Care Home Register
    • Staff Rota
    • Reports
    • KPI’s

£2 per resident a week

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Wish you had time to try using Xenolyth in your business today!

Xenolyth now has even more features

Care planing made easier.
Residents Assessments
Pro-Active Alerts
Policies and Procedures Over 300 Documents
Health Information
Residents Register
Staff Register
Multiply Care Home Managment
Staff Rota
Care Reports
Health Care KPIs

Register your interest today.

Xenolyth is a fantastic product for small and large organisations due to its flexibility and low running costs. Xenolyth only costs £2.00 per resident and includes a wide range of extensive premium features. No contract ties and you can leave us at any time should you ever wish to do so.

Why choose xenolyth?

Xenolyth provides you with all the tools to help your staff deliver an exemplary level of care to your clients.

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    Time Saving

    Xenolyth is designed to help you save time from creating care plans to recording daily events.

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    Improved Record Keeping

    By making the process as simple as possible, care staff are more motivated to update records

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    Professional Image

    Xenolyth is fully personalised and branded with your details and logo.

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    Comprehensive Care Plans

    Care plans can be created and maintained with ease and the system ensures that all relevant areas are covered.

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    Care records can be customised to suit your requirements.

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    Custom Reporting

    All the information can be viewed or printed quickly and easily.