Care Home KPIs


Accurate Information .

Instant Accurate Information

Knowing what is going on in your home is vital that’s why our system is designed to show you exactly what’s going on. Find out which residents don’t have a care plan or have yet to have an assessment. Find out how many notes have been made against each resident with the click of your mouse. Our KPI’s will tell you if any resident is missing information. For example a resident’s height is required for automatically calculating their BMI when their weight is recorded.

Identify superseded care plans

Who did what and why

You can’t fix a problem unless you know you have a problem. With our KPI’s you can easily identify issues each residents level of care.

Our KPI’s can:

  • Identify out of date care plans
  • Highlight missing informaiton
  • Help identify empty rooms

It’s amazing what you can discover once you have the tools.

In an industry that demands prompt, detailed and most of all accurate paperwork, it is incredibly difficult if not impossible to keep paper based records up to date from the very second they are written they are already out of date. Using our KPI’s you can identify resident’s records that are out of date in an instant. Try identifying out of date information in hand written care plan.

Admin dashboard
Statistics and data on residents

Did you know.

On average a care plan has around 11,000 words. This means if you own a 75 bed care home your staff has to read 825,000 words to identify any incorrect our out of date information.

Further more did you know it would take a person working 8 hours a day almost 9 days to read all that. That doesn’t even include the time it would take to make any necessary changes.

But most importantly did you know Xenolyth can do this for you as often as you like instantly!

Wish you had time to try using Xenolyth in your business today!

Xenolyth now has even more features

Care planing made easier.
Residents Assessments
Pro-Active Alerts
Policies and Procedures Over 300 Documents
Health Information
Residents Register
Staff Register
Multiply Care Home Managment
Staff Rota
Care Reports
Health Care KPIs

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Xenolyth is a fantastic product for small and large organisations due to its flexibility and low running costs. Xenolyth only costs £2.00 per resident and includes a wide range of extensive premium features. No contract ties and you can leave us at any time should you ever wish to do so.