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Our resident’s module really is the core of Xenolyth from the data that is recorded against each resident we are able to produce a customised care plan for every resident at the touch of a button. Of course all the standard information regarding a resident can be stored on their record such as personal, physical and contact information.


How Xenolyth is different

Where Xenolyth is different from the questions that are recorded during the initial assessment of the resident we are able to automatically generate a customised care plan for each resident. For example if during the assessment it was noticed that Barbara was forgetful.

When the care plan is produced the section on resident details: care plan would read. “Barbara requires occasional reminding that she has a right to access all information stored in her care plan as she sometimes forgets this. She should be reminded when appropriate that should she wish to access this information, she only needs to ask a member of staff.” Of course you have the option to change this or section of the care plan you feel needs to be customised more to personalise each residents care plan.

Unrivaled Detail

Xenolyth can also record over fifteen different metrics regarding each resident these are:


  • Weight
  • BMI
  • Waterlow Score
  • Medication
  • Body Map
  • Temperature
  • Eating
  • Fluid
  • Respiratory Rate
  • Pain Levels
  • Epileptic Seizure
  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart Rate
  • Fall Observation
  • Mid Upper Arm Circumference


What makes a good care plan

All this information can be logged and charted over time and added to the care plan which makes for what has to be the most comprehensive care plan available today. As well as these metrics daily observational notes can be added to each residents records.

Of course having one good care plan today, means nothing as the second it’s printed it’s out of date. As your residents situation most likely will have changed. This is why Xenolyth has a comprehensive dashboard for each resident, so you can tell at a glance whose care plan is out of date, who needs their weight taken or who needs their fluid intake noting etc.

In fact our system will also show you if any residents have any personal information missing, if their birthday is coming up, it will also show you the last note recorded against their record, as well as which room they are staying in.

We have spent over a year working very closely with a 75 bed care home that opened up recently, we are happy to report that they sailed through their first CQC inspection without any trouble. Many of the staff made positive comments about how easy the system is to operate.

Wish you had time to try using Xenolyth in your business today!

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Xenolyth is a fantastic product for small and large organisations due to its flexibility and low running costs. Xenolyth only costs £2.00 per resident and includes a wide range of extensive premium features. No contract ties and you can leave us at any time should you ever wish to do so.