Residents Assessments

Why Compromise

Our resident assessment has twenty two sections by answering the questions in the assessment our system can put together a fairly comprehensive care plan that covers virtually every aspect of a resident’s needs. Each time a section of the assessment is created or updated a record of who changed it and when this information is visible in the care plan.


Give yourself more time.

Producing care plans can be time consuming if your always on the go.

Xenolyth can help with this

  • Create custom templates
  • Share care plans with staff
  • Review historic care plans

Manage care plans with ease

Xenolyth was designed for health professionals, to support their day-to-day needs, Xenolyth provides you with the tools to help you increase your speed and accuracy when producing quality care plans.


  • Easy to setup
  • Update plans within minutes
  • Simple to archive older plans


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Residents Assessments
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Xenolyth is a fantastic product for small and large organisations due to its flexibility and low running costs. Xenolyth only costs £2.00 per resident and includes a wide range of extensive premium features. No contract ties and you can leave us at any time should you ever wish to do so.