Hunan Sanxing precision industry Limited by Share Ltd was founded in 2012, is a research and development, with a focus on intelligent automatic equipment production, sales and service in one of the countries listed high-tech enterprises, under the jurisdiction of Hunan Anguan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and Hunan micro robot vision technology limited company, Hunan International Robot Technology Co., Ltd. the main touch screen printing automatic solutions, automatic detection system, robot vision, integration and application of power battery automatic production line and other projects, all walks of life are widely used in 3C product manufacturing industry, general equipment manufacturing industry, new energy industry, visual inspection industry and other industries, the industry has become the Sanxing automation solution supplier benchmarking and provide a full range of automation solutions for customers, annual sales have reached 400 million and with the whole business The Ministry expanded exponentially, with sales expected to reach more than 1 billion by 2018. Since, as in the past three continuous reform and innovation, excellence, plough. Adhering to the business philosophy of innovation, pragmatism and value creation, we strive to become the world's first solution provider for automation solutions!

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